WATCH: 2A Supporters At Virginia Rally Push Back Against Lone Agitator Calling For Violence


Contrary to the liberal media's claims that Second Amendment supporters in Virginia were a bunch of neo-Nazis hellbent on stirring up violence and trouble at a pro-gun rights rally Monday morning, footage emerged from the event appearing to show a group of protesters pushing back on a lone man they accused of calling for violence in the streets.

"You wanna start the revolution today?" a man in a black skullcap can be seen asking a fellow attendee.

When the other man replies, "Heck yeah," Black Skullcap responds, "Wanna hop the fences and kill that guy?" 

Several other protesters immediately intervened.

"He's stirring stuff up," one man can be heard saying.

"I'm a libertarian, and that is not how we are," another chimes in. "I believe what that guy just said is absurd. We don't believe in going and killing people. This is a peaceful rally."

The man in the skullcap quickly claimed he wasn't actually calling for violence, but was posing an extreme hypothetical to the other man who'd said he wanted to start a revolution by trying to point out how ridiculous it would be.

Regardless of whether his threats of violence were serious or (more than likely) sarcastic, one thing is for sure: no matter how the liberal media has painted Second Amendment supporters in Virginia, attendees have made it clear that they're allowing no room -- and not even a chance -- for violence at this rally.

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