WaPo Shows the Mob Which Statues to Remove, Names Every U.S. Lawmaker Who Ever Owned Slaves


The Washington Post is gonna show the world that it can produce race obsessed history just like its big sister, The Gray Lady, did with it's execrable 1619 Project. The Post has has compiled a database of all the U.S. lawmakers of history who owned slaves. And sadly, nothing speaks to today's cutting-edge “anti-racist” movement like a list of villains from a century and a half ago. It's like a Michelin Guide for the BLM statue destroyers.

The goal of such a database is to keep us all focused on America’s guilt of slavery, so we can be manipulated into accepting radical policy proposals on voting laws, reparations, school curricula, etc. 

Yeah we get it. But our most critical and logical response to this over-produced, overthought research project is “Who cares?!” Because why would we? Slavery ended 150 years ago. 

This new Washington Post “Enslaver” database – yeah we’re calling them enslavers now. Doesn’t that just sound more sinister? – informs us that “more than 1,700 people who served in the U.S. Congress in the 18th, 19th and even 20th centuries owned human beings at some point in their lives.”

Um, thank you. Such is the state of our public education that, even if they taught kids history, they certainly didn't impart the skills to extrapolate that if there was legal slavery, some people, ya know, owned salves. Going a mind-blowing step further, some particularly gifted child might even  deduce that some slave owners would probably end up in Congress.

But of course, this is not about jogging our memories or using logic, it’s a nice way to keep Critical Race Theory front and center in the culture. Consider this justification for the database from the Post:

The country is still grappling with the legacy of their embrace of slavery. The link between race and political power in early America echoes in complicated ways, from the racial inequities that persist to this day to the polarizing fights over voting rights and the way history is taught in schools.

Apparently dissatisfied simply defending CRT in schools, the Post is now engaging in it. Here's an example of the kind of revelations the Post has turned up: “William Richardson, for example, a Democrat who fought for the Confederacy, died in office in 1914 after representing Alabama for 14 years." And what does that mean today?

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The piece also grabbed a quote from race-baiting Senator Cory Booker who talked about how America’s monuments are tainted by this heritage: “The very monuments you walk past [in the Capitol]: There’s very little acknowledgment of the degree that slavery, that wretched institution, shaped the Capitol.” He added, “We have never really tried, in any grand way as a country, to take full responsibility for the evil institution of slavery and what it has done.”

Except for the 600,000 dead in the Civil War. Except for all the work of the Civil Rights Movement. 

Booker and his fellow Dems had nothing but religious zeal for these monuments and our “most sacred civic space” on the ANNIVERSARY OF JANUARY 6TH (moment of silence please) in order to make Trump voters feel guilty for their lack of respect for our “Democracy.” It just feels hypocritical.

Of course the real point of the database revealed itself in this line: “many of these lawmakers’ statues stand in town squares across the country, and their names adorn streets and public schools, with almost no public acknowledgment that they were enslavers.”

Sounds like a “dog whistle.” Yeah you know what to do guys. TEAR DOWN THOSE STATUES!

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