Washington Post Encourages ‘Vasectomies’ As Fatherly ‘Act of Love’

Gabriel Hays | December 27, 2021

Conservative men understand themselves to be natural providers and protectors of the family and the innocent, and their role in the abortion fight is to defend the unborn against one of the greatest injustices in human history. Progressive men, on the other hand, seem to think their responsibilities end at not letting their appetites inconvenience themselves or the women they have sex with.

In the avoidance of responsibility, it seems, many lefty men are happy to render themselves (more) impotent.

The Washington Post published a recent article about pro-abort men getting vasectomies “as an act of love” for the sake of the “reproductive rights” movement, AKA the abortion industry. 

The piece, written by Emily Wax-Thibodeaux, discussed how, now that abortion rights are in danger, some men are taking one for the team and sterilizing themselves. “Some reproductive rights advocates say it is time for men to take a more active role in both family planning and the fight for reproductive rights,” she stated.

How's that for irony? “Take a more active role” in the family by relinquishing your power to sire children all together. For the good of the race! 

Though honestly better you snip yourself, then kill an innocent baby.

Wax-Thibodeaux introduced the concept of vasectomies for the sake of reproductive rights with the story of Andy Gress, a  family man who wanted to “step up.” (Amazing how debased our language has become.) He got a vasectomy so that his wife wouldn’t have to do all the child-prevention herself. 

“After Andy and Erin Gress had their fourth child, Andy decided it was time for him to ‘step up’ and help with the family planning … He got a vasectomy.” Apparently Mrs. Gress wasn’t a fan of her birth control which was giving her problems. “His wife had taken birth control pills, but she struggled with the side effects,” the piece added. 

Though Gress made it clear that this was about more than his family, this was about promoting pro-choice politics. The paper stated his actions stemmed from his belief that “he should do more to support his wife and other women who don’t think the government should decide what they do with their bodies.”

Oh what a hero. 

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Of course, The Post understands this sentiment, framing these decisions within the lefty apocalypse, namely a “Supreme Court set to decide the fate of Roe v. Wade next year” and the horrific data point that “more than 20 states poised to ban or impose restrictions on abortion depending on what the court decides.”

The paper also mentioned how Sarah Miller, a family medicine doctor with a private practice in Boston, agrees with making men get vasectomies. She told the paper, “It’s outrageous that we don’t have more contraceptive options for people with man parts. There’s even a misguided sense that birth control is not a man’s job.” 

Yeah, the pro-abortion crowd may need to try a different avenue. They should just advocate for the forced sterilization route for the men they like so there’s no threat of becoming pregnant altogether. Of course we don’t condone contraception, especially types this extreme, but maybe less abortions could be a pleasant side effect.