Washington Kids Can Get ‘Gender Affirming Care’ W/O Parental Consent

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 17, 2023
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And people still think kids aren’t under attack.

Good ‘ole Washington state just released a bill that would allow “transgender” children to receive medical interventions without the consent of their parent or guardian. The bill passed in the House last week and is awaiting approval of Governor Jay Inslee (D).

Senate Bill 5599 allows runaway children to enter host homes, also called "shelters," that would allow said “transgender” children to receive transgender “care” without notifying parents. Essentially host homes could allow children who, mind you, aren’t theirs to receive trans treatment as they’re supposedly “protected health care services” and don’t have to say a peep to the child’s parent “if there is a compelling reason not to.” (Ex. Timmy doesn’t want to tell mommy that he wants his sausage to turn into roast beef.)

“Gender affirming treatment can be prescribed to two-spirit, transgender, nonbinary, and other gender diverse individuals,” the bill stated. It was not specific about how far these treatments would extend. Typically this type of “care” involves puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries. So without clear limits, it appears this bill would allow a little girl to run away from home and get her boobs removed without her parents even knowing. All shelters have to do is contact the Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) to get approval for kids to take part in life threatening procedures. 

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Critics of this sickening bill called it “child abuse.” One opponent stated “A parents job is to protect their child, this bill strips parents of that ability… Gender is in your imagination. This bill legalizes the kidnapping of children, allows for the harboring of minors, and segregates us from the union.”

This bill allows the removal of an already confused and misled child from his or her home, a home that may (hopefully) help a child to see the truth of their identity, and into the hands of dangerous state and “shelter” rules that would allow the child to permanently alter their lives. 

Senate leader John Braun (R-Wash.) summed it up nicely in his opposition of the bill:

The only thing [the bill] would do is cause harm by driving a wedge between vulnerable kids and their parents, at a time when a teen lacks the perception and judgment to make critical life-altering decisions," Braun said. "A parent may not even know why the child ran away and could involve law enforcement or other groups in a desperate search… all the while going through an unnecessary emotional nightmare, imagining the worst about what might have happened.

A number of Twitter users also disapproved of the bill:

The left wants an army of weak, vulnerable, confused individuals and they’re starting with your kids.

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