Was Paul Pelosi's Attacker an Illegal Alien? Details - or Lack Thereof - Raise Questions

Brittany M. Hughes | November 1, 2022
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While few details have been solidified regarding Paul Pelosi’s “attacker,” there seems to be some question as to the immigration status of the man who supposedly went after the House Speaker’s husband with a hammer last Friday.

Adding to the list of weirdness – and gaps – in this bizarre tale is a little tidbit reported by CNN, who pointed out that David DePape, the mentally ill nudist-activist arrested for beating Paul Pelosi with a hammer, grew up in british Columbia but “left Canada about 20 years ago to pursue a relationship that brought him to California.”

Which raises just a couple of questions.

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As the Washington Examiner points out, it’s worth noting that as a solely Canadian citizen, DePape wouldn’t have legally been able to remain in the U.S. as a visitor for more than six months without an extension, much less for 20 years. There’ve been no reports that either of DePape’s parents were American, which would have granted him dual citizenship. There've also been zero mentions that he ever married a U.S. citizen or otherwise obtained any kind of legal residency, assuming he didn't have one to begin with.

While the mere fact that DePape came over from Canada in the early 2000s hardly solidifies him as an illegal alien, the question of his current immigration status is worth answering – especially given that the home he reportedly invaded belonged to one of the country’s foremost open-borders advocates.