Warren: How Could Americans 'Want Someone Who Lies To Them?’

Eric Scheiner | January 19, 2020

On Sunday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was asked if it is disqualifying for a presidential candidate to lie to the American people about anything.

“How could the American people want someone who lies to them?” Warren replied while campaigning in Iowa.

Warren, who claimed she was “Native American” on her registration for the State Bar of Texas said this.

Warren, who once tweeted us the results of a DNA test boasting about her potential 1/1024th Native American ancestry – and then later deleted the tweet.

Warren, who allegedly gave Harvard their “first woman of color” as a tenured professor.

Warren, who claimed her “children went to public schools” then walked that claim back, allowing that her son “went to public school until 5th grade.”

Warren, who has told many tales and even written down recipes that over time have been brought into question.

Makes you wonder what she may cook up next.