WaPo: White House Clearing Protesters 'One Of the Most Violent Scenes Ever Caught on Camera'

Brittany M. Hughes | June 9, 2020

Not only was this White House's decision to clear a mob of protesters in D.C.'s Lafayette Park ahead of Trump's visit to St. John's Episcopal Church last week a bad optical move, it now ranks as "one of the most violent scenes ever caught on camera."

At least, that's according to the folks over at the Washington Post, who've decided to move from hyperbole to straight-up lying.

“A week ago this evening, one of the most violent scenes ever caught on camera unfolded outside The White House. Thousands of mostly peaceful protesters were pushed, gassed and shot at,” WaPo investigative reporter Aaron Davis wrote on Twitter.

Did you catch that? “One of the most violent scenes ever caught on camera.” 

Right up there with D-Day, Vietnam, 9/11 and clips of ISIS terrorists beheading journalists and lighting people on fire.

Of course, when Mr. Davis says “mostly peaceful protesters,” I’m sure he meant to write “the mob throwing rocks and bottles at police.” 

And by “gassed,” he meant “dispersed with smoke canisters and pepper balls.”

And by “shot at,” he meant to add “with rubber bullets.”

And of course, by "violent scenes," he meant "an incident that left exactly zero people dead, wounded or traumatized."

But then again, if the goal was to paint the scene as so violent that it ranks alongside Holocaust footage of Jewish children being herded into gas chambers and dumped in mass graves, writing “violent crowd cleared with non-lethal pellets and smoke” just wouldn’t have carried the same weight.