WaPo Slams Argentinian National Team For Not Being Black Enough

John Simmons | December 14, 2022
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If you’ve been watching the 2022 World Cup, you know that Argentina is playing in the final on Sunday against the winner of the France vs. Morocco match. But if you’ve seen La Albiceleste play, you likely haven’t thought to yourself, “They’re aren’t enough black guys on that team.”

That is, unless you’re the ever-liberal Washington Post.

Erika Denise Edwards published a long-winded article that criticized Argentina’s history, which supposedly centered around it being a “White Nation.” The article began with an odd premise that set up a piece that attempted to throw Argentina’s history and its men’s soccer team under the bus at the same time.

"As fans keep up with Argentina’s success in this year’s World Cup, a familiar question arises: Why doesn’t Argentina’s team have more Black players?," Edwards muses. "In stark contrast to other South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina’s soccer team pales in comparison in terms of its Black representation."

I can guarantee that no one -- unless they’re obsessed with race -- is asking this question.

What's worse is that the Post had to correct a kinda-sorta important fact in Edwards's original story:

 ... an earlier version of this piece noted that roughly one percent of the Argentinian population was Black according to a 2010 government released census. While the number of Black people cited was accurate, the percentage was actually far less than one percent ... 

So far less that one percent of the Argentine population is black. It's therefore impossible to truthfully say that blacks are underrepresented on the national soccer team. Unless...

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Unless you're an adherent of a peculiarly progressive form of racism: the notion that any sport not dominated by black players must be intentionally excluding them. The Post is obsessed with the idea that MLB will somehow be illegitimate until there are more American blacks playing (the legions of blacks from the Dominican and other Latin American countries apparently don't count in the Post's perverse calculus.) In October, the AP made the same complaint against the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies -- who competed for the 2022 World Series. 

Nobody should care about the racial mix of anybody's sports team. But if you must, consider demographics and social trends before garbage history and your pet race theories.

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