WaPo Owner Jeff Bezos Donates $33 Million In Scholarships to Illegal Alien Students

Brittany M. Hughes | January 12, 2018
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Billionaire Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is apparently donating $33 million toward scholarships to help 1,000 illegal alien DACA recipients go to college. From Forbes:

In a press release announcing the gift, Bezos shared that his father had come to America from Cuba when he was 16 years old with no English skills.

“With a lot of grit and determination – and the help of some remarkable organizations in Delaware – my dad became an outstanding citizen, and continues to give back to the country that he feels blessed him in so many ways. MacKenzie and I are honored to be able to help today’s Dreamers by funding these scholarships.”

The $33 million will go to TheDream.US, a nonprofit education group that provides financial aid to DACA students to help them pay for college. The organization will then give 1,000 DACA students a total of $33,000 each in scholarship aid over four years to cover their higher education costs.

The difference being, of course, that Jeff’s dad (technically his adopted father, as his mother divorced Jeff’s biological father and remarried when Jeff was four) was a Cuban immigrant named Miguel Bezos who came to the United States legally, taught himself English and went through the arduous process of becoming a citizen. This is in contrast to those who come to the United States illegally, exploit federal immigration laws and welfare benefits, make no effort to obtain legal status and then get self-righteously angry when someone suggests they did something wrong.

And are still somehow deserving of $33 million in scholarships, while the average native-born American whose parents have contributed to the system is struggling under about $37,000 in student loan debt.

(Cover photo: James Duncan Davidson)

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