WaPo Nutjob Thanks Twitter User For Saying Nashville School Was Religious Indoctrination Center

John Simmons | March 28, 2023
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Mike Wise is the living definition of a ... well, let's show some decorum and call him a self-regarding, insufferable jerk. (Trust me, that's far better than he deserves.) Formerly a Washington Post sports writer, he mercifully left the paper some years ago. Unfortunately, he still contributes opinion pieces to it (the insufferable will always have a home at The Post!), and uses the perch to vent his hatred of America as a racist, good-for-nothing country that is rotten to its core.

But yesterday, he did something that was despicable even by his -- and The Post's -- slimy standards.

In the wake of the shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, TN, one user tweeted out why he understood trans psycho Audrey Hale’s motive for murdering three 9-year-old students and three teachers. The user justified it by saying that Hale was simply mad a school that teaches Christian beliefs and that brainwashes children. 

Wise’s response? A sincere thank you for this user sharing those thoughts.

Like I said, Wise is a jerk. Okay, let's drop the decorum: he's a scumbag.

Let's try the same take on a different shooting:

"I don't condone Elliott Rodger killing all those people in Isla Vista in 2014, but I understand his outrage against a social system that relegates him to involuntary celibacy. The reality is this human still identified as the loser who couldn't get stuck-up, beautiful college girls to have sex with him.

What's the difference?

If the Washington Post had any shame or honor, its readers would never hear from Wise again. Don't hold your breath.

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