WaPo Columnist Calls For Prosecuting the Unvaccinated

Brittany M. Hughes | November 12, 2021
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On the heels of the Biden administration attempting to force Americans to get the COVID vaccine or risk losing their jobs, one Washington Post columnist is taking it to the next level, suggesting that people actually be prosecuted in a court of law for not getting the jab.

Here’s Gene Weingarten, a WaPo “comedy” and opinion writer who, in his written work, happily calls “vaccine hesitant Americans “idiots” who are “incredibly stupid people who are so medieval they won’t be happy until a hollow-eyed man with black crummy teeth in a burlap robe is wandering the streets clanging a bell and yodeling, ‘Bring out your dead.’”

And, apparently, so dangerous to fully vaccinated Americans – still not sure how that one works, by the way – that we should indict them in court for not making the voluntary and incredibly personal medical decision that Weingarten here wants them to.

And then what, Gene? Do we fine them? Throw them in jail? Hold them down and forcibly inject them with a substance they don’t want?

Dictators would be so proud. 

Thankfully, Gene's ridiculous tweet has only garnered 200 or so "likes" to literally thousands of berating comments including from pro-vaxxers, indicating that while he's clearly infected with a level of stupidity beyond belief, it doesn't appear to be very contagious.