Wanted Man Applies For Job With Police, Gets Arrested During Interview

Nick Kangadis | January 10, 2018
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Here’s a question: if you were a suspect accused of stealing from a bank, where is the last place you would go? If you chose police station, you’re absolutely correct!

Sorry, I don’t have any prizes for you.

In the latest installment of World’s Dumbest Criminals, a 32-year-old Phoenix man was arrested last week on suspicion theft while he worked at a Bank of America.

According to KPHO 5 - Phoenix:

In October of 2016, Bank of America told the Cottonwood Police Department that they suspected their employee, 32-year-old Alberto Saavedra Lopez, had stolen $5,000 from the bank over a three-month period. Lopez then quit his job at the bank, moved to Phoenix and refused to answer any calls or questions pertaining to the theft allegations, police said.

Here’s where Lopez’s case of stupid comes in.

After avoiding police for about a year, Lopez decided it would be a good idea to apply for a dispatcher job with the Cottonwood Police Department.

Don’t adjust your computer screen. You read that correctly. A man who was wanted in connection to a theft investigation thought it was a great idea to apply to work at a police department.

Of course, much like any law enforcement job, the Cottonwood Police did a background check on Lopez. Sure enough, the warrant for Lopez came up in their system, so authorities decided to make their job super easy by scheduling an interview with him. Little did Lopez know that the cops only set up the interview to make the arrest.

The USA Today reported that Cottonwood Police said that Lopez was “out of the running for employment with the police department.”

I’ve heard of people turning themselves into authorities. Sometimes, the guilt is just too much. But to apply for a job in the very business that's already looking for you on criminal charges? That level of stupidity is — priceless.