Wanda Sykes Opened Her Show By Mocking Trump, and Angry Fans Weren’t Having It

Ferlon Webster Jr. | September 28, 2018
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Liberal comedian Wanda Sykes performed her comedy routine at Count Basie Center for the Arts on Thursday, and she, to everyone’s shock (yeah, right), opened with several jokes about President Trump.  So original, isn’t she?

Conservative fans of hers weren’t putting up with it, and proceeded to heckle the comedian in response. 

Not long after the jokes began, according to app.com, “Some attendees began heckling the comedian," yelling things like "Do some comedy!" and "Too political!"

Sykes, paused shortly to find out what was displeasing these fans but quickly returned to her routine.  A fan on Twitter posted her response to the continued heckling.

This wasn’t the first time fans showed Sykes their disdain for her bold views.  After Trump was elected she expressed her opinion on the election.  That time she wasn’t so kind with her response, the 2016 video is below: