Walmart To Test Entirely Cashier-Free Store As COVID Concerns Stretch On

Brittany M. Hughes | June 16, 2020

Already hate going to the grocery store? Well you might soon be working at one - and not by choice.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s left many businesses wondering how to remain open while avoiding liability issues due to employees or customers getting sick, Walmart says they’re testing a new, entirely cashier-free model where customers will scan and bag their own stuff.

One of the company’s superstores, located in Fayeteville, Arkansas, will now utilities only self-checkout lanes, where customers can scan and pay for their items all on their own without help from an actual person. The company says employees will be on hand to help customers, but won’t actually be ringing up the items and manning the register.

The test, Walmart says, will determine whether self-checkout times are faster than the traditional cashier method, and also helps them limit person-to-person contact while the coronavirus is still a concern. The company has already been slapped with at least one coronavirus-related wrongful death lawsuit after an employee died from suspected COVID-19 complications after feeling ill on the job.