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Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression 1/12


Welcome to this week’s wacky moments of liberal expression, a week where the media went howling mad over a book written by Michael Wolff.

A recent MRC study shows, over a 6 day period the big three networks gave 5 minutes and 46 seconds to the Dow Jones breaking 25,000 for the first time ever BUT they dedicated over 2 hours and 20 minutes of news coverage to anti-Trump author Michael Wolff and his book ‘Fire and Fury’.

Oh, if you didn’t know, the liberal media says Trump is a racist. ABC’s Matthew Dowd feels free to give the president suggestions of things he should do, because the media certainly know better, right?

On CNN, they admit the media gives Trump a “beating” but then get grumpy with Democrats for not taking the high ground and defeating his policies after the beatings are delivered.

For more on these stories check out NewsBusters.

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