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Wacky MOLE: The Media's Passion For Pelosi


In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression:

The liberal media fawned over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week. Following a breakdown in talks at the White House between President Trump and Democratic leaders, the media hail Pelosi as a “master strategist.”

When New York passed its radical law legalizing late term abortions in January, the networks gave it zero coverage. When pro-life laws get passed, there is lots of coverage with loaded language. The Big Three networks filled their evening and morning shows with 2 hours, 21 minutes of coverage often including language depicting pro-life laws as “extreme” and “restrictive” attacks on women’s rights – as opposed to “protective” of the rights of the unborn.

The media continues to get all hot and bothered over the idea of impeaching the president, on Cuomo Prime Time Tuesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo weighed in. According to Cuomo’s logic, impeachment “could be the best way to get you the information you deserve so that you can decide if there were an actual abuse of power here by the President.” In other words, Congress must impeach President Trump so that way they can figure out whether or not he deserves impeachment.

For more media wackiness check out NewsBusters.

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