Wacky MOLE: Media Play Midterm Race Card

Eric Scheiner | October 19, 2018
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression:

We are a few weeks away from the midterms so the liberal media has to take things up a notch and really start pushing the notion that white supremacists are taking over the Republican party.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo uses his “magic wall” to make liberal bias suddenly appear. Cuomo defends the liberal mob and claims the GOP uses tactics of fear and racism. BIG REVEAL: The magic wall is really not all that magical.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe has decided you are an appalling traitor if you support the president.

CNN talks racism and misquotes the president to further their agenda. Then they show the accurate quote, and go back to misquoting the president anyway, because 'facts first' or something like that.

The liberal media blames everybody else for the fact that Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test proves she’s really not very Native American at all.

For more details on these stories and the latest media wackiness check out NewsBusters.

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