Wacky MOLE: Media Gets Love Strzok

Eric Scheiner | July 13, 2018
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression FBI agent Peter Strzok took questions from lawmakers about those anti-Trump texts that he sent while working on high profile cases on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but the liberal media says it was all to distract from the Russia investigation.

The liberal media criticized Republicans for questioning Strzok and praised the agents “searing defense.”

While the big three networks all played clips of the Democrats defending Strzok on their news shows Friday morning, they all managed to leave out Democratic lawmaker Steve Cohen’s telling Strzok “If I could give you a Purple Heart, I would.”

I wonder why they left that clip out, don’t you?

President Trump was in Europe this week to meet with NATO leaders and CNN brought us breaking coverage of Chief of Staff John Kelly’s hydration habits – and what it really means.

On MSNBC this week it wasn’t interpreting the secret meaning of drinking water but the enforcement of laws on illegal immigration that needed to be interpreted. Of course, the interpretations are either it’s evil, incompetence, or both.

The liberal media is still obsessed over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, with CBS asking Sen. Chuck Schumer point blank “is there anything you can do to stop this nomination?”

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