Wacky MOLE: Media Distorts D-Day

Eric Scheiner | June 7, 2019
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In this week’s Wacky Moments Of Liberal Expression: 

The week marked the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the liberal media really had to screw it up. On MSNBC they brought in Bill Nye the leftist guy to claim that the heroic D-Day effort is a lot like fighting climate change.

According to MSNBC, in 2019 America, democracy has failed. The President of the United States no longer represented the people that voted for him when he travels overseas…or maybe he just didn’t represent MSNBC? At one point on Monday night, disgraced ex-Nightly Newshost Brian Williams wondered of Donald Trump: “Will he ever show a sense of stewardship? Will he ever represent us on an overseas trip?”

The liberal media said Barack Obama was “sort of god” during his D-Day trip to Europe; Donald Trump gets called a wanna-be “king”.

Joe Biden came under fire from the media after he vocalized his support of the Hyde Amendment, which was passed to keep the tax money of pro-life folks from going towards killing the unborn. After being criticized by the media and leftists for not wanting taxpayers to fund baby-killing, he changed his mind and flip-flopped quickly.

MSNBC just flipped history and labeled longtime Democratic lawmaker and ex-KKK member Robert Byrd a “conservative.”  Gee, why am I not surprised that MSNBC is giving conservatives the Byrd?

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