Wacky MOLE: The Massive Media Mueller Meltdown

Eric Scheiner | July 26, 2019
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression:

The leftist media started out the week with bated breath as they just couldn’t wait for the powerful testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller – until it actually happened. They didn’t get ‘the performance’ they wanted and ended up being quite upset.

On MSNBC, they decided the best answer to the situation is… to hold more testimony on the Mueller report! Because if the media just keeps trying they may eventually hear something they like from someone involved with the investigation.

Andrea Mitchell blamed the “shameful” Republicans for the situation because they asked questions about the origins of Russia collusion delusion investigation. Pesky GOP questions are so “shameful.”

Over on ABC, they became suddenly concerned that there may be some missing Trump administration emails. Missing emails a concern?! Where have these “journalists” been?

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