Wacky MOLE: King Fredo & The Royal Media Monarchy

Eric Scheiner | August 16, 2019
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression:

Fake News Fredo, AKA CNN’s Chris Cuomo, completely freaked out and threatened violence to a man for calling him Fredo. This is despite the fact, that Cuomo and the other members of the media, have used the Godfather reference in the past. Frequently the media uses the term when referring to a member of the Trump family.

However, when MSNBC found out about President Trump’s campaign selling Cuomo/Fredo shirts, their outrage was broadcast.

The leftist media is only okay with insulting President Trump’s family and his supporters. MSNBC drove the point home by likening Trump supporters to terrorists this week.

After listening to CNN’s Jim Acosta whine for months on how the Trump administration was going to hurt freedom of the press, the fake news network didn’t react after it’s mouthpiece April Ryan had her bodyguard take a journalist’s camera and remove him from an event that she was speaking at. Perhaps they believe freedom of the press should only apply to them.

MSNBC had a panel where Elie Mystal advised the audience to "destroy" whites that support President Donald Trump.  Sure,  that’s rational non-violent thought there.

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