Wacky MOLE: Fake News Follies

Eric Scheiner | January 11, 2019
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression:

The biased media just couldn’t help but shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly this week, as chief liberal activist for CNN, Jim Acosta, got obliterated by White House Counsel Kellyanne Conway at a media availability.

Acosta then obliterated himself later in the week by tweeting a video of himself attempting to make the argument for why a border wall is unnecessary. Instead, he accidentally revealed why a border barrier such as the steel slats he featured were very effective in stopping the flow of illegals.

ABC’s Jonathon Karl gives attitude to President Trump at a press conference, but Trump catches Karl off-guard when he gives it right back, commenting on Karl’s “one-sided reporting.”

An editor at a Seattle TV station gets fired an after he insultingly doctors a video of Trump’s national address on border security.

KUSI News in San Diego, California, shared that CNN had requested a segment with one of their reporters for a local perspective on the effectiveness of the border wall. However, the station says CNN quickly retreated from that request after discovering their past reports showing a barrier actually works. 

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