Wacky MOLE: The CNN Jim Acosta 'Suck Up'



In this week’s Wacky Moments Of Liberal Expression:

CNN’s Jim Acosta whined about President Trump for spreading a “virus” around the world that the media has a liberal bias - after hearing Brazil’s President, Jair Baolsonaro, use the term “Fake News.”

When MSNBC promotes the “tough question” it asked Sen. Cory Booker you know you’re just waiting for a punch line. They delivered  - as the tough question they ask Booker is if he’ll call Trump a “racist.” Wow, how “tough.”

Later in the week MSNBC went into panic mode when a poll found 50 percent of Americans agreed with President Trump’s assertion that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation was a “witch hunt.” 

The one thing all the liberal networks were in agreement on this week is how great they think New Zealand’s new gun control measures are, and that we could have greater restrictions on the gun rights of Americans  - if it just wasn’t for that pesky Second Amendment.

For more moments of liberal media wackiness check out NewsBusters.

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