Wacky MOLE: Biased Media Praise Pelosi's 'Power' - Trash Trump

Eric Scheiner | January 18, 2019
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression:

The latest pettiness in American politics was Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Wednesday suggestions to President Trump that since the government was shut down, he should postpone his State of the Union address or find another venue. Being the Democratic Party cheerleaders that they were, the media praised Pelosi’s “power play” against a Republican President.

Sometimes it amazing the difference a day makes. On Thursday afternoon, CNN suffered a network-wide meltdown over Trump’s letter canceling Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s overseas trip less than an hour before take-off, calling the President a“childish”and “cranky”schoolboy. The other liberal media were quick to join in on the narrative.

Thousands participated in the 46th annual March For Life in Washington on Friday. So ABC, NBC, and CBS morning news offered zero coverage of the event that morning. None. CBS was way too busy giving preview coverage to Saturday’s so-called  ‘Woman’s March’, because that fits their narrative better.

MSNBC continued to drive hove the Russian collusion narrative, Chris Matthews on Monday insisted multiple times that President Trump was unable to deny that he was a Russian agent – even minutes after playing a clip of the President doing just that. 

The highlight of the week has to be CNN analyst Areva Martin accusing Fox News radio host David Webb of benefitting from “white privilege” in getting hired for his job. No one is sure how that works since he’s a black man, but the liberal media narrative should not be strayed from.

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