Wacky MOLE: Acosta's Upset And Russians Are Everywhere

Eric Scheiner | August 3, 2018
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In this week’s Wacky Moments of Liberal Expression, CNN’s Jim Acosta becomes upset when he’s jeered by Trump supporters in Florida.


MSNBC reporters are critical of happened to Acosta but are so flustered that Americans have free speech that they meltdown and, uh, sweat. At least host Nicole Wallace says she does.


On Wednesday afternoon, MSNBC Live host Katy Tur and far-left liberal actor Rob Reiner were able to showcase why the embarrassingly smug behavior of Hollywood and the liberal media has continued to lose them supporters despite their deranged attempts to play the victim card.


The liberal media did get happy over the start of the Paul Manafort trial. MSNBC's Chris Matthews is ecstatic for a full Frankie Five Angels moment from The Godfather movies that will somehow be able to finally give some piece of actual evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia in the election.


At NBC connecting Russians to the Trump administration is no longer enough. NBC's Chuck Todd used the recent indictment of Russian national, Marina Butina to suggest that not only was the National Rifle Association infiltrated by Russians - but “all levels of the conservative movement” were as well.


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