Virginia Woman Seeks $25K To Fly a 50-Foot Black Lives Matter Flag Outside Her Room

ashley.rae | September 29, 2017
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A white woman in Fredericksburg, Virginia has received a permit to raise a 50-foot Black Lives Matter flag on an 80-foot pole outside her home.

NBC Washington’s Shomari Stone first reported Susan Kosior was placing her 30-by-50-foot Black Lives Matter flag in her yard, in opposition to a Confederate flag which flies over I-95:

NBC Washington reports Kosior described the Confederate flag as “offensive," claiming it “represents hatred,” and is “racist.”

“I’m excited. I didn’t expect that we would get this far with the whole process,” Kosior said.

Asked why she wants to put up a Black Lives Matter flag, Kosior said, “Well, I think after Charlottesville, we’ve seen that racism is not just an abstract concept anymore. It really is something that’s happening.”

The Black Lives Matter flag will reportedly be three miles away from the 30-by-30-foot Confederate flag, which is also on private property. The Virginians United for Peace and Equality, which Kosior is a member of, tried to petition the government to force the homeowner to lower the Confederate flag.

“The Confederate flag is often used in white supremacy rallies,” she said.

Speaking of her adopted daughter, who is black, Kosior claimed, “To me, she’s my daughter. But when she steps out of our house, she’s just another person. And it’s important that she lives in a safe community.”

Kosior is raising $25,000 for a flagpole for the flag, construction, and security. She has raised a little over $3,000 thus far.

Speaking to Fox 5 DC, the man who owns the property with the Confederate flag, Hubert Wayne Cash, said he would help Kosior hoist her flag.

“If they need any help putting the pole up, all they have to do is contact me,” Cash told Fox 5 DC. “Because we have been through the process. We have been through the legal process and we know how it is done and would be glad to help them do it.”

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