Parents Sue a Virginia High School For Allegedly Trying To Reduce the Number of Asian Students


When it comes to skills, some people are better than others. It’s just the truth. Naturally, leftists don’t see it that way.

According to the Daily Wire, one high school in Virginia is being sued by a group of parents for implementing measures the parents say intentionally reduced the number of Asian-American students. 

The high school in question, Thomas Jefferson High School, has a student body that's about 70 percent Asian-American.

Daily Wire described the school as “a specialty school for students gifted in math, science, and technology. The magnet school partners with the Fairfax County Public School district (FCPS) and often ranks as one of the best public schools in the nation.”

You’d think that having a school that is regarded as one of the best in the nation would be pleasing to the local district, right?

Apparently not. Instead of being satisfied with an academically excellent school, the FCPS board decided that inclusivity and equality were more important, and they removed the school’s application fee and admission test from the admission process.

In response, a group of parents who called themselves the “Coalition for TJ,” sued the school.

“This action concerns FCPS’ recently-implemented overhaul of the TJ admissions process, which eliminated the long-standing race-neutral standardized admissions test,” they claimed in their lawsuit. “The Coalition alleges that these changes were specifically intended to reduce the percentage of Asian-American students who enroll in TJ, with the ultimate goal of racially balancing the school according to the racial demographics of Fairfax County.”

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Daily Wire noted that according to the Washington Post, Asian-Americans only make up 30 percent of Fairfax County’s population.

One Asian parent decried the FCPS’s attack on Asian-Americans and the school’s old standards. 

“Many Asian American families, like mine, have worked hard and sacrificed to prepare their children to meet the rigors of the test and the TJ curriculum,” she wrote in an op-ed for USA Today. “We protested this weakening of standards — in part because it was clearly aimed at reducing our numbers in the student body, but just as importantly because it would degrade TJ’s long tradition of advanced learning.”

FCPS didn’t see the problem.

“It is in that vein that the Board fervently supported removing the historical barriers and inequities faced by students from culturally and ethnically diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, while still ensuring that TJ maintains its high academic standards,” they stated.

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