Virginia Is Getting Rid of Advanced Math Classes To Promote 'Equity'

Brittany M. Hughes | April 23, 2021
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Virginia is nixing its advanced math classes for public school students in grades 10 and under in what the state is calling its new plan for “equity.”

According to the Virginia Department of Education, all students will now be forced to attend the same math classes regardless of whether they’ve got advanced math capabilities and could excel further.

In a tweet accompanying the new “plan” this week, the VDOE said the change will help “create more equitable math classrooms” – i.e., make sure non-white students aren’t disproportionately represented in advanced classes.

“Who Gets To Be A Math Person?” the VDOE tweeted. “Read more about how educators can create more equitable math classrooms that give all students the chance to succeed, even if they don’t fit the mold of what a ‘math person’ looks like.” 

The department claims that “students from marginalized groups are often expected to develop math identities in spaces where they don’t feel valued.” To help combat that pile of utter nonsense, the VDOE said that on top of making sure all students attend the same classes regardless of their proficiency levels, “Districts can select more inclusive math textbooks that speak to a greater array of student experiences,” and teachers can foster classrooms “structured to allow for debate amongst students.”

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While the plan doesn’t call out skin color or ethnicity as the specific type of “equity” issue they’re lookoing to address, the VDOE does link as a resource to EduColor, a group that exists to “amplify the works and ideas of students, educators, and communities of color through supportive on- and off-line networks and professional development,” according to their website.

According to Loudoun County school board member Ian Serotkin, the change is statewide and isn’t optional.

"[A]s currently planned, this initiative will eliminate ALL math acceleration prior to 11th grade," he said. "That is not an exaggeration, nor does there appear to be any discretion in how local districts implement this. All 6th graders will take Foundational Concepts 6. All 7th graders will take Foundational Concepts 7. All 10th graders will take Essential Concepts 10. Only in 11th and 12th grade is there any opportunity for choice in higher math courses."

Those “essential concepts” courses will replace traditional math classes like Algebra and Geometry.

One Loudoun County parent told Fox News the change will penalize students whose strengths lie in STEM skills.

"These changes will have a profound impact on students who excel in STEM related curriculum, weakening our country's ability to compete in a global marketplace for years to come," the parent said.

Another parent said the new plan is “critical race theory in action,” and could easily impact students’ college careers by not letting them take advanced classes before 11th grade.