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Virginia Beach Teen to Hold ‘March for Our Guns’ Rally Amid Calls to Repeal 2nd Amendment

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Amid calls to repeal the Second Amendment, a Virginia Beach teen is planning to hold a “March for Our Guns” rally in April.

Adian Jackson, 15, told that he had the idea after seeing the anti-gun “March for Our Lives” demonstrations across the country last month.

"When I saw the 'March for Our Lives,' I saw a lot of people for gun control. Not every youth believes that. Gun control is not the answer," he said.

Jackson, a freshman at Ocean Lakes High School and member of the Virginia Beach Young Republicans, said he participated in his school's walkout last month. Instead of joining in on calls for stricter gun control laws by his peers, he decided to make a sign that read, "Gun control is not the answer."

He said one of the students ripped up his sign.

"Someone came up out of the blue, looked at me, read my sign and ripped my sign,” said Jackson. “The entire school applauded.”

After those two events, Jackson felt inspired to plan a pro-Second Amendment rally.

"It really inspired me because a lot of people came up to me and said, 'I don't necessarily agree with you, but you really are brave to have gone through that,'" he said.

He said that he intends on inviting people young and old, on both sides on the aisle.

“I think everyone has a say,” said Jackson.

"I want to invite all the viewers to come along and show their support and really view a different point of the aisle in case you are in support of gun control," he added.

The rally will take place April 21 at Mount Trashmore.

Just last week, approximately 75 students walked out of a Central Florida high school in support of gun rights, reported MRCTV. The national news media largely ignored the pro-Second Amendment rally, unlike the anti-gun “March for Our Lives” last month which received days of coverage.

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