Viral Twitter Photo Shows Top-Level Biology Course at UC San Diego Comparing Preborn Babies to Cancer

Brittany M. Hughes | April 26, 2019
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A photo posted to social media went viral Thursday of a slide reportedly being shown during a lecture in a top-level biology course at the University of California San Diego that comparing the “parallels” between an unborn child – labeled as a “legitimate parasite” – to cancer.

The photo was posted by Twitter user named Dylan Griswold, who, according to his Twitter profile, is an “aspiring neurosurgeon” studying at Stanford Medl. Griswold said the photo was sent to him by a friend, who took it during her biology course at UC San Diego.

The lecture slide purports to show the similarities between a developing unborn human child and a lump of cancerous cells, labeling the child “a legitimate parasite” that “invades” its host and “manipulates the immunity of mother and reshapes blood cells” just like a tumor.

The tweet has already drawn more than 4,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments, mostly from people appalled that a university biology class would dehumanize preborn children to the point of comparing them to cancer.

Unfortunately, in the age of abortion-on-demand and laws allowing third-trimester “pregnancy terminations,” drawing parallels between being pregnant with a child and having a deadly disease was perfectly acceptable to some.

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