Violence Descends on Los Angeles During Post-Super Bowl Rioting, Looting

Jay Maxson | February 14, 2022
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Sunday’s Super Bowl victory by the Rams triggered idiots to turn the “City of Angels” into the city of mayhem. The Los Angeles Police Department declared an unlawful assembly and large numbers of the men and women in blue responded to fireworks, looting and shooting.

People were shot, a city bus was destroyed, intersections were blocked, looters broke into business places and disorderly people illegally set off fireworks, Breitbart reported. 

CBS Los Angeles tweeted: “Over a hundred people can be seen blocking the streets in downtown Los Angeles celebrating the #SuperBowl. Police are en route to disperse the crowd.”

A Newsweek tweet said, “Fans gathered on Los Angeles streets to celebrate the LA Rams' Super Bowl win, but chaos broke out as shooting and violence erupted during the celebrations on Sunday.”

LAPD issued numerous tweets, starting with: “We ask those that are celebrating tonight, celebrate responsibly. Do not allow your actions to tarnish a great #SuperBowl win. Obey all police orders and clear the streets around the area of 11th and Hope.”

These orders not to tarnish the home team’s great triumph were ignored, and police then wasted no time in declaring the unlawful assembly and demanding rioters disperse.

ABC News reported that police were also “searching for a gunman who shot four people after a brawl erupted outside a Los Angeles restaurant hosting a Super Bowl week party that followed a Justin Bieber concert.”

Additionally, L.A. Times reporter Kevin Rector reported:

“People got inside the bus and were setting off fireworks inside of it. It’s smoking. One guy just passed me holding his injured hand screaming ‘f**k!’ Police moved in on bikes with sirens blazing—and crowd ran off.”

The Daily Mail called it troublemakers destroying their own city. Better said: idiots attacking their own city.

“LAPD riot police stood in formation as officers on motorcycles blocked roadways to prevent the more destructive rioters from moving elsewhere in the city, as looters broke into nearby stores amidst the chaos during Sunday's Super Bowl celebration,” The Daily Mail report continued.

Revelers also brought busy downtown traffic to a halt by walking down the streets and on top of cars. 

A shooting took place in East Los Angeles near a place (Atlantic and Whittier boulevards) where Rams fans were gathering to celebrate the Super Bowl victory. A gunman fired from inside one car, hitting the passenger in another car. Police provided medical aid to the victim. 

A CBS Los Angeles reporter (at 1:25 on the video) live on the scene reported that police said the violence was not as significant as when the Dodgers and Lakers previously won championships. That’s of no comfort whatsoever to the victims of Sunday’s unrest, knowing that this city routinely erupts in violence when local teams win sports championships.