15-Year-Old Venezuelan Killed in Protests Following Contentious Vote


If there were more proof needed to show what a country turns into after becoming a Socialist nation, here it is.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s claimed victory late Sunday in an attempt to place the South American nation further under his thumb. The Maduro regime, and the Maduro-controlled media in Venezuela, cited high voter turnout in an election geared to replace Venezuela’s National Assembly, his opposition. The election also marked Maduro’s plan to rewrite the country’s constitution.

There have been disputes over actual voter turnout, and whether the election process was “peaceful” or violent.

According to Breitbart:

The Argentine outlet Infobae places the death count at 15 since late Saturday night, citing opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski. Some of the dead have been identified as teens protesting the government – including an unnamed 15-year-old – both in the capital and in the westernmost Táchira region, which border Colombia and has seen some of the greatest violence since dictator Nicolás Maduro took power in 2013. The Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional reports that at least five of the dead were killed in Táchira.

The implementation of socialism followed by death. Who could’ve guessed that one?

Videos have surfaced on Twitter of the violence that occurred during the election process. One video shows an alleged opposition bombing of a Venezuelan national police procession.

Here is one of those videos:

One of the reasons that opposition was so vehemently against the election was because many of Maduro’s allies, and even his own wife Cilia Flores, were an almost certainty to be “elected.” Head of the Venezuela’s National Electoral Council Tibisay Lucena announced that Flores, along with former Venezuelan Speaker of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello, board member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela Iris Varela and Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs Delcy Rodriguez, were among those elected as National Assembly representatives.

All four are members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

The BBC reported:

Electoral officials in Venezuela say turnout in the controversial election for a constituent assembly was 41.5%, a figure disputed by the opposition.

The opposition coalition said 88% of voters abstained and it refused to recognise the election. It also called for more protests on Monday[…]

The head of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, on Monday announced that there had been an "extraordinary turnout" of more than eight million voters.

Opposition politician Henry Ramos Allup said their figures suggested fewer than 2.5 million Venezuelans had turned out to vote.

A five-and-a-half million voter difference in turnout estimates is quite the discrepancy when trying to determine actual voter statistics.

People need to begin paying attention to what’s going on in Venezuela before situations like it arise in the United States, among other countries.

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