‘The View’ Co-Hosts Clash Over Bill Cosby Controversy


Following up on their conversation from earlier this week, “The View” co-hosts discussed the media’s reaction to the increasing number of women claiming themselves victims of sexual assault by actor and comedian Bill Cosby.

The conversation quickly heated up when Rosie O’Donnell took issue with Rosie Perez’s comment that social media has a lot to do with how TV networks are responding to the controversy, and that whether Cosby is guilty or not is none of her business.

"Online does have power today, whether we like it or not,” Perez explained. “That’s my only point.”

“It seems like you're getting upset with me," she said to O'Donnell. "I'm not saying the man is not guilty. I'm not saying the man is guilty. I'm saying that that's not my business."

"As a woman, that's not your business?" O'Donnell fired back.

“No, it’s not knowable, Rosie!” co-host Nicole Wallace chimed in.

O’Donnell fell silent and looked away, grimacing as though she were literally biting her tongue.

Whoopie Goldberg added, “We’ve watched this happen with a lot of different people, and it always is the same. Something gets started. It gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. Then you get whatever the truth shakes out to be, and that’s the truth.”

She argued,

“But we haven’t gotten there yet because people keep coming out. People keep making stuff up."

Goldberg went on to compare the rape allegations against Cosby to those faced by Paula Deen last year.

“I think there’s a difference between a rape allegation and Paula using the n-word,” O’Donnell responded.

“No, there’s not,” Goldberg shot back. “Until you know that it’s true, it’s an allegation!”

She continued, “Whether it’s Kobe Bryant, whether it’s Bill Cosby, it seems now you are guilty no matter what – even if you’re innocent, you’re guilty. ‘Cause once it’s out - once somebody accuses you of this - that’s what you are.” 

Given that there are no charges pending and the statute of limitations has since passed, O'Donnell asked,

"What's the motivation of the women, if there's no financial gain? They woke up and said I want to ruin Bill Cosby today?"

H/T The Huffington Post

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