VIDEO: Woman Swept Off Cliff By Giant Wave

danjoseph | April 16, 2015
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An American student  in Ireland captured harrowing footage of an Indian woman being swept off a cliff by a giant wave.

The Indian woman was taking pictures of the water when she was suddenly hit with the monster wave and hurled into the rocks 40 feet below. 

Fortunately, several tourists--including a paramedic-- witnessed the incident and quickly rushed to her aid.  

The woman, Aparajita Gupta , suffered only a broken left ankle and some cuts and bruises. 

As can be seen in the video, Gupta was able to hold onto a nearby bolder momentarily which may have saved her life. 

“I tried to run, but it pushed me straight down, said Gupta.  "It was like being in a waterfall and that probably cushioned the fall."