Video: Union Thugs Harass Conservative Kids and Try to Steal Their Phones

Stephen Gutowski | March 10, 2011
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Let me set up what is happening in this clip. Basically, according to Jackohoft, a group of conservative college kids attended a union protest in Ohio on Tuesday. Some of the union supports took issue with them being there and began harassing them. This is evident in the beginning of the video as a college student (in a blue t-shirt) is surrounded by union supporters who are berating him. In fact, the reason everything comes to a head here is that the conservative kid in the blue shirt is being harassed and one of his friends is trying to capture it all on camera. I guess some thugs don't like the limelight...

Whenever I see some pathetic jerk picking on someone smaller than them like this I wonder if they'd do the same to a 6 foot 1 inch 250 pound guy with a goatee. Somehow I doubt it. These types are usually spineless when stood up to.

Then again... sometimes they aren't. That's when you really have to worry.