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VIDEO: Tulsa Resident Scares Teenage Robbery Suspects Off After He Pulls Gun On Them


Two teenagers and a young man attempted to go on a robbing spree in an Oklahoma neighborhood, but the excursion was cut short by an armed resident.

Tulsa police say that 20-year-old Andrew Payton and his adolescent friends terrorized Tulsa homeowners earlier this week as they pulled a gun on them to gain cash.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Police said Andrew Payton, 20, and two teenage suspects pulled a gun on the man who was mowing his yard, getting away with $12 and the victim's bank card.

Right after this initial robbery they set out to rob another homeowner who had a security camera on his home. 

In the video, you can see the teenagers walk up to a man as he watered his grass. After a quick conversation the man reaches for his handgun attached on his right hip and pulls it out of its’ holster sending one suspect to high-tail it out of there while the other slowly walked away to a white vehicle.


Payton was reportedly captured after he crashed the car after a short chase. The 17-year-old turned himself in after the crash along with the 15-year-old — who was reportedly shot by another neighbor (he was not seriously injured). Police believe the shooting was justified.

There were reports of a fourth victim, but that person has not been found.

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