Video Site TikTok Reinstates Pro-Life Group's Account Hours After Banning It, Blames 'Human Error'

Brittany M. Hughes | January 31, 2020
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TikTok, a popular social media site in which users can post short videos, became the latest platform to outright ban pro-life group Live Action and their message in support of pre-born babies’ lives, sparking a wave of controversy before reversing their decision and blaming it on a "human error."

Live Action reported Friday that they’d gotten a message from the Chinese-owned social media site shortly after posting a short compilation of clips showing babies, alleging that the 15-second video included "multiple community guidelines violations,” but gave no further details.

Live Action President Lila Rose shared the offending video on Twitter:

According to Live Action Director of External Affairs Alison Centofante, the organization’s entire account was taken down after they appealed TikTok’s removal of the video.

Live Action has amassed more than 21,000 users on TikTok and garnered over a million video views on the platform, making it the largest pro-life account on the site.

After a wave of criticism across other social media platforms including Twitter, a TikTok spokesperson has now reportedly blamed the decision on a "human erro by a moderator," saying they’ve corrected the “mistake” and reinstated Live Action’s account.

“TikTok is a platform for creative expression that welcomes diversity of users and viewpoints,” a company spokesperson told the National Review. “Following a review, we have determined that there were no violations of our Community Guidelines, and the issue was the result of a human error by a moderator. We apologize for the mistake and have reactivated the account.”

Live Action remains banned on Pinterest, which permanently disabled the group's account last June without explanation. Twitter has also continued to deny Live Action's requests to run paid ads on their site, despite running numerous ads from abortion giant Planned Parenthood.