Video Shows Young Leftists Would 'Allow a Puppy to Drown' and Punch Their Mothers as Long as Trump's Out of Office

Nick Kangadis | November 9, 2020
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A growing portion of young people are either stupid or ignorant. Not all of them, but at the very least the portion of those we constantly see being asked questions in man on the street videos. A newer video shows that young leftists would do or condone pretty much anything as long as it means President Donald Trump is out of the White House permanently.

Filmmaker and journalist Ami Horowitz released a new video late last week in which he asked young, New York leftists about both their hypocrisy and what they would be willing to do as long as it meant that Trump was out of office.

“How important is it to have a free and fair election in the United States?” Horowitz asked the survey takers.

All of the respondents said that they wanted “free and fair election in the United States,” but not if it meant Trump remains in office.

“If there’s rampant voter fraud, would you accept Trump’s election results?” Horowitz asked one of the respondents.

“No what?” the young woman answered. “Because there’s rampant voter fraud.”

Horowitz followed up the above question with an opposite-side-of-the-coin question.

“If there is rampant voter fraud and Biden wins?” Horowitz followed up.

“Yeah, I would,” the same young woman responded. “I don’t give a f**k. Yeah, I’m being honest.”

The same far-left young woman also had some very extreme propositions should Trump win re-election.

“It’s revolution time,” she said. “Time to overthrow all the s**t that America has been founded on.”

She seems sweet. That’s sarcasm for those playing the home game.

Horowitz asked similar questions to the other respondents, but then switched course to see how far these people would go to see Trump out of office.

Here’s a list of some of the things the respondents in the video agreed to if it meant Trump’s removal as president:

  • No movies for a year
  • Celibate for an entire Biden term
  • Would allow a puppy to drown
  • Would take electric shocks to their genitals
  • Would punch their mothers in the face

If people would punch their own mothers in the face or allow a puppy to drown to remove a man they don’t even try to understand from office, that sounds like some mental health counseling could be in their futures.

The AOC generation needs to check themselves before they wreck…well, everybody.

For the full video, watch below: