Video Shows San Francisco Train Station Corridor Overrun With Drug Users

Nick Kangadis | April 27, 2018
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Just how bad has it become in the once beautiful city of San Francisco? Drug users have pretty much taken over part of one of San Francisco’s busiest train stations.

Bay Area resident Shannon Gafford noticed a disturbing trend during his regular commute to work every day. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing — and wanted to prove it to his friends — so he decided to take video and document the horrifically sad scene.

“One morning I said, ‘I got to pull out the camera and show my friends this. They’re not going to believe it,” Gafford told KPIX 5 - San Francisco.

Here’s two of Gafford’s videos:



That’s a pretty disgusting display of a city that clearly doesn’t give a damn about people. But, I suppose this is what you get when you have Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) representing the San Francisco district and nothing but Democratic mayors since 1968.

One would think that the answer to a drug epidemic would be to increase drug prevention programs. But, this is San Francisco. Why clean people up when you can just clean up the mess some drug addicts leave behind?

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) says that they are in the process of “recruiting more community service officers, more than 30 new sworn officers and 20 new station cleaners.”

Democratic Mayor Mark Farrell announced a $12.8 million plan, including $750,000 just to clean up the needles littering the city.

For full coverage of the story, watch below: