Video Shows NYC Concert in a PUBLIC PARK Denying Entry to the 'Un-Vaxxed'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 13, 2021
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As many predicted, authoritarians in New York City have begun to create a caste system when it comes to those who have taken one of the experimental mRNA COVID19 jabs, and those who have not.

And the reality of it is on video.

On June 9, journalist Tara Szczepanski posted on her Twitter feed first-hand video of her approaching the free outdoor concert being performed by the NY Philharmonic Orchestra in Bryant Park, a public, tax-funded, New York City green-space that is supposed to be open to all.

Sadly, that was not the case, for when Szczepanski approached the medieval-looking stone balustrades delineating the lawn of the park -- where the concert was being held – from the outskirts of it, she encountered a printed sign reading:

“Vaccinated Entrance” with an arrow pointing to a makeshift gate and uniformed gatekeepers.

And, like an invading corsair, Szczepanski was intercepted by one of these guards, where she got the details of the new class system being imposed by the tax-consuming New York City government under “Burger King” de Blasio:

Guard: “Hi.”

Szczepanski: “What’s the rule?”

Guard: “If you have your proof of vaccination, you can enter. It is probably over in about five to ten minutes.”

Szczepanski: “Okay. So, you have to be vaccinated in order to go into the lawn, which is a public lawn?”

Guard: “Yes.”

How perfectly feudal.

In the Medieval Era, the concept of class grew around the sad lot of European serfs living in servitude beneath the royally-connected “Upper Class.” The concept of “class” is a feudal one, and is not supposed to exist in the US because the nation never had a monarchical system to separate the “royally connected, privileged” and those not privileged to have ties to the rulers.

That’s different now. Thanks to the expansion of American government on every level, those tied to the political rulers and those who please the politicians are privileged, while the rest languish as second-class serfs.

Added Szczepanski in a follow-up tweet:

There’s a PCR test entrance on the opposite side too, so it’s vaccine card or pcr test to get inside the public park lawn to see the outdoor concert. Isn’t the park owned by the city? So the Philharmonic can set rules on public space?

It is worth stressing that this is an outdoor event.

It also is worth stressing that, even with the inflated case and death statistics brought about through federal subsidies of medical centers that listed those who died WITH COVID19 as dying FROM COVID19, the survivability rate of those who have had the infection is 99.97 percent. And this makes one wonder if the city will execute such measures each time the seasonal flu approaches.

It is also worth noting that none of the mRNA jabs is said to stop infection by SARS CoV-2, but to merely lessen the symptoms, which means if one gets the jab and then gets infected, one can become an symptomatic carrier, and it remains to be seen how dangerous that might be.

And, most important for future issues like these, this is a “public park,” meaning it is tax-funded, meaning it opens the door to the Tragedy of the Commons, which is the economic problem encountered when private ownership of something is not allowed, and tax money is taken to support something. It forces taxpayers with diverging interests to fight one another for control of the resource, and, often, sees mismanagement of the resource, as everyone tries to either use it first, or block others from using it the way they want.

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Private systems don’t operate this way, because higher demand signals private property owners to shift the use of their property to cater to that higher demand, thus catering to what people really value.

Bryant park might be pretty, it might contain stone construction reminiscent of the Dark Ages, but it also operates under a feudal, central control, class-envy system, a system that, as many freedom-minded people warned, now has embraced the idea of punishing taxpayers who have not deemed it wise to get one of the experimental mRNA gene-jabs.

The feudal class system of the “jabbed” and “non-jabbed” is a natural outgrowth of the political class system in which we have of the controllers and the controlled, the tax-eaters and the taxpayers, the rulers and the ruled.

And on the flipside, we have heroic rebels, like rocker The Reverend Horton Heat, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, and others who openly resist by playing private concerts or calling for the end of lockdowns and jab-passports.

Contrasting their freedom philosophy with the mindset behind COVID-19 abuses – from lockdowns, to hypocritical politicians breaking their own unconstitutional and immoral orders, to the sketchy ways the unconstitutional NIH and CDC have operated – we can remind people all over the world that government is not their friend, it never will be, and, perhaps most important, people have a right and duty to oppose tyranny.

Van Morrison, Handfuls of Rockers, Resist COVID19 Crackdowns In Favor Of Liberty