Video Shows How Chicken McNuggets Are Made

danjoseph | January 11, 2016
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Have you ever wondered how McDonalds makes their Chicken McNuggets?

Nope? Me neither. But why is that? 

For many, it's because they love the taste of America's premier nugget-based delicacy, but also know that they are not so great for you. A lot of us just want to leave well enough alone and enjoy our nuggets in blissful ignorance without being bothered by knowing what's actually inside them.

But a video produced by McDonalds shows that the fast food giant doesn't feel as though they have anything to hide. Former Mythbusters crew member Grant Imahara traveled to one of McDonald’s five Tyson’s chicken processing plants in the U.S and saw exactly how McNuggets are made. 

Is McDonalds showing us the entire process? There's no way to be sure. Still, watching the production of a food that has become a staple of the American diet for the last 40 years is pretty fascinating.

Hat Tip: Opposing Views

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