Video Shows Border Invasion Underway as Illegals Push Back Against Authorities, Barbed Wire Barricades

Nick Kangadis | May 12, 2023
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The invasion begins. Just remember, your “American” government did this to you.

The day after Title 42, which restricted illegal immigrant entry into the U.S. during the COVID pandemic, ended, video is emerging of illegals pushing back against barbed wire barricades, as well as police themselves.

If you don’t think this in an invasion, you’re more than drunk or high. Let’s get an elementary-level refresher as to the definition of “invasion.”

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, here’s three definitions of “invasion”:

  • The act of entering a place by force, often in large numbers.
  • An occasion when a large number of people or things come to a place in an annoying and unwanted way.
  • An action or process that affects someone’s life in an unpleasant and unwanted way.

So for those that can’t admit reality to themselves, put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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