Video Shows Americans Signing Fake Petition to Arrest People Who Question 2020 Election Offline

Nick Kangadis | August 9, 2021
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Freedom of speech is a concept that Americans seem to be confused about, while at the same time social media platforms aren’t confused at all. They simply censor what they don’t like. So what happens when Americans place importance and give credence to the free speech violations seemingly carried out by Big Tech?

This is what you get.

Media analyst, author and YouTuber Mark Dice released a video on Monday in which he presented a fake petition to people asking whether they agree that people who question the results of the 2020 presidential election should be arrested.

Since, as Dice told the prospective signers, social media has already banned people from talking about such things, the want to arrest those who do question the results would be for private comments made offline.

You’d be surprised at how many people agreed and signed the fake petition. Then again, he was asking people on the California coast.

“Oh, I’ll sign that s**t,” one man said as he signed the fake petition. “Mother f***ers. F*** ‘em.”

“I hate those mother f***ers,” a woman said while signing the petition in front of, supposedly, her children.

While Dice presented in the video that there were more people who agreed with the call to arrest questioners of the election and signed the fake petition, there were some who immediately rebuffed Dice’s attempts to get them to sign.

“I’m glad you don’t like freedom of speech,” another man said. “That is preposterous to tell people they can’t say what they want, regardless of whether you believe [President] Joe Biden won the election or not. It’s just preposterous.”

For those that signed the fake petition, it just goes to show that some people are only for rights when it applies to themselves.

For the full video, watch below: