VIDEO-Sen. Sessions: Obama to Blame for San Fran Victim's Death


Pres. Obama is directly responsible for the death of Kate Steinle and others killed by illegal aliens, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) declared Wednesday in a Senate speech on immigration enforcement.

“These cases highlight the tragic and completely avoidable consequences of sanctuary jurisdiction policies.  Indeed, if not for sanctuary cities and the Obama Administration’s continued destruction of immigration enforcement, Kate and others surely would be alive today.

Her death could have been prevented; but the extreme open borders ideology – that rejects even the deportation of criminals, that is, people who commit other crimes than the crime of entering the country illegally – has led to her death, as it has to the death of so many others.

Sen. Sessions rebuked the administration for allowing illegal alien "sanctuary cities," like the one in which Steinle was killed, to flourish:

Although sanctuary jurisdictions are not a recent development, they have been allowed to flourish under this Administration.  Let me repeat that: this Administration has allowed sanctuary cities to flourish.

On a few occasions, officials in the government have complained, once they did about Chicago, Cook County, but no action has been taken to pressure Cook County to change.  The Administration has not only refused to stop cities from acting this way, but has emboldened them with its systematic denial of immigration enforcement in other areas.  In fact, while this Administration has taken legal action against state and local jurisdictions that have simply attempted to help the federal government to enforce immigration laws, they’ve sued them to block their efforts to enforce the law or help the federal government enforce the law.”

Sessions also refuted the Obama’s Administration’s efforts to blame Steinle’s death on Congress’ failure to pass an amnesty bill that immigration officers warned would “provide legalization for thousands of dangerous criminals”:

“Not only has it failed to stand up to sanctuary jurisdictions, but yesterday, the White House is now claiming that if Congress had just passed the Gang of Eight bill – the Comprehensive Amnesty bill – then this would not have happened.  But the Gang of Eight bill that the President pushed so hard for would have dramatically increased incidents of criminal alien violence, officially legalizing dangerous offenders while handcuffing immigration officers from doing their jobs.  Professionals told us the Gang of Eight bill would have undermined the rule of law in America.  In fact, Chris Crane and Ken Palinkas – Presidents of the National ICE Council and the National USCIS Council, respectively – issued a statement on behalf of their officers saying that:

The [Gang of Eight] proposal will make Americans less safe and it will ensure more illegal immigration–especially visa overstays–in the future. It provides legalization for thousands of dangerous criminals while making it more difficult for our officers to identity public safety and national security threats...The legislation was guided from the beginning by anti-enforcement special interests and, should it become law, will have the desired effect of these groups: blocking immigration enforcement” ...  ‘[it is an] anti-public safety bill and an anti-law enforcement bill.’”



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