Video: RNC Protesters Pummel Reporters with F-Bombs

danjoseph | July 20, 2016
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MRCTV captured video of protesters at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio verbally assaulting reporters with “F-Bombs” on Tuesday.

One tattooed protester relentlessly verbally abused a reporter with profanity, while others eagerly screamed “F—k” this and that, both separately and in unison, as MRCTV’s Dan Joseph’s uncensored video report from Cleveland shows.

Another protester proudly sported a “Conservative But Down to F—k” sign – but, refused to explain its meaning.

Less vulgar protesters chanted: “Indict, convict, send those killer cops to jail; the whole damn system is guilty as hell!” Yet another told MRCTV he’d like to decapitate Trump.

A more civil protester wielded a giant shoe, which he said he wanted to symbolically throw at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump because “I hate the fact that his brain is emotionally damaged.”

Watch the full video below if you dare – but, beware the strong, coarse, offensive language permeating the protests.



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