VIDEO: Pro-Abortion Activists Refuse to Answer One Simple Question

danjoseph | March 14, 2016
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A sizable contingent of pro-abortion activists gathered in front of the Supreme Court last week to show their opposition to a Texas law before the court that would hold abortion clinics to the same standards as other surgical centers throughout the state. As is usually the case at these rallies, some of these protesters were holding signs showing support for abortion on demand for any reason whatsoever. 

But how many hardcore abortion activists share this extreme view? 

Most states ban abortions after somewhere between 20 and 24 weeks into the pregnancy, or up until the point at which the baby can live outside of the womb (usually referred to as the point of viability).

MRCTV took our cameras to the protest and asked a simple question: At what point in a pregnancy should it be illegal for a woman to have an abortion?

As you can see, it was surprisingly difficult for many of these activists to give us straight answer to this very simple question. 

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