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VIDEO: 'President Trump Is Not a Racist': African-American Sen. Defends President Trump


Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) defended the President Trump against Democratic attacks on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday when he made it clear the president was not a racist.

Scott, who is black, gave multiple examples of President Trump’s accomplishments which have benefited the black community. 

“There’s no doubt President Trump is not a racist and the facts are very simple,” Scott said. “If you look at his legacy it will be his accomplishments in office, frankly, helping in many many ways, African-Americans.”

“Think about the fact that we’ve all heard about how low the African-American unemployment is — the lowest recorded in the history of the country,” Scott continued. “But more importantly, a racist would never talk about criminal justice reform and how the benefits disproportionately help African-American men. President Trump signed that legislation into law.”

Sen. Scott went on to expose the left’s tactic of pulling out the “race card” because of their desire to cause “fear and division.”

Take a look at Sen. Scott’s well thought out defense in the video below:


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