Video: Machine Gun Kelly Destroys Macklemore's Race-Shaming

Nick Kangadis | January 28, 2016
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(Image: Instagram/Macklemore/MachineGunKelly)

Let’s just say that rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) does not agree with Macklemore’s take on race.

As described on MRCTV, Macklemore’s new single “White Privilege II” is an acknowledgement and admission of the “white guilt” Macklemore feels for stealing and exploiting “black music.”

MGK clearly disagrees. When a videographer from TMZ called Kelly one of the five greatest "white" rappers of all time during an  ambush interview Tuesday, Kelly responded by saying, “I’m not just a great white rapper. I’m a great rapper.”

When the videographer began to backtrack a little, he pressed MGK on the issue of race.

“Race is not an issue,” said MGK. “Race is an issue for people like Macklemore.”

For the full TMZ video, watch below…