VIDEO: Kevin Durant, the Most Hated Man in Oklahoma

Josh Luckenbaugh | July 5, 2016
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Superstar small forward Kevin Durant set off some early July 4 fireworks Monday when he announced on The Players' Tribune he will be joining the Golden State Warriors next season. After failing to win a title with the team he's spent his entire career with to this point, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Durant will team up with the likes of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green on the NBA's next "Super Team."

Naturally, many Thunder fans were less than pleased with their longtime hero's decision. One young fan couldn't contain his emotions:



Others took a different approach in expressing their grief and anger, beginning their holiday barbecues by burning some Durant merchandise:







While such reactions may seem extreme, They aren't without precedent. Cleveland Cavaliers supporters did the same thing in the summer of 2010, after LeBron James dramatically announced on an ESPN special called "The Decision" that he was "taking his talents to South Beach" and joining friends Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat:



Of course, LeBron ultimately returned to Cleveland in 2014 and all was forgiven, as he and the Cavs are currently the NBA champions, having just defeated Golden State in the Finals. And if Kevin Durant ever decides to return to the Thunder, he will undoubtedly be welcomed back with open arms.

But for now, he is the most hated man in Oklahoma City. 

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