Video: Husband Plays AWFUL Prank on Wife, 'Kills' Son

Monica Sanchez | December 2, 2014
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Not cool, dude. Not cool.

The latest stunt from YouTube prankster Roman Atwood will surely make parents everywhere cringe in disbelief.

The prank begins with Atwood playing with his two sons up on the second floor near the staircase of their home. His wife comes upstairs and greets her family, then heads back down to grab her husband some water.

Loud enough for his wife to hear, Atwood asks his youngest, dressed in a Spiderman costume covering his face, if he wants to “fly.” He then substitutes his son for a dummy with the same outfit and proceeds to “accidentally” toss it over the second-floor banister.

Horrified, his wife screams and sprints toward the dummy, what she thinks is her son lying motionless on the floor.

Watch what she does next.